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Encyclopédie mondiale de sites emploi : Jobboard Finder


Encyclopédie mondiale de sites emploi  : Jobboard Finder Jobboard Finder est un service gratuit permettant aux recruteurs et chercheurs d'emploi du monde entier de trouver les meilleurs sites emploi suivant leurs besoins, que ce soit au niveau géographique ou bien au niveau de la spécialité.

Jobboard Finder est la plus grande encyclopédie mondiale de sites emploi. Elle recense aujourd'hui près de 800 des meilleurs job boards du monde entier. Tous les continents y sont représentés.

Les recruteurs et les chercheurs d'emploi du monde entier peuvent naviguer gratuitement sur Jobboard Finder afin d'accéder au moteur de recherche qui leur permet de lister un grand nombre de sites emploi suivant leurs critères.
Ils ont ainsi accès à 2 des 5 pages qui composent un profil. Ils peuvent consulter des informations de base comme le positionnement du site, l'avis de Jobboard Finder, les activités marketing du site, ses innovations ainsi que ses partenaires. L'accès Freemium permet aussi d'accéder à la page "commentaires". Cette page permet au recruteur de donner sona vis sur le site emploi mais aussi de consulter les avis des autres recruteurs ou chercheurs d'emploi.

Pour accéder à plus d'informations et notamment les chiffres d'audience, la répartition des offres d'emploi par catégorie, la répartition par pays...il suffit juste de s'inscrire gratuitement sur le site. Recruteurs et chercheurs d'emploi auront aussi accès à des données sur les CVthèques, sur les prix (postage d'annonce, accès CVthèque etc...) et ont également les coordonnées du contact commercial. La création d'un compte gratuit permet d'avoir des fonctionnalités avancées comme le comparateur, la fonction "Favoris", la possibilité de donner son avis sur des sites emploi et la fonction alertes.

Les job boards (sites emploi) peuvent se créer un compte et s'inscrire gratuitement, ce qui leur permet de bénéficier d'une audience hautement qualifiée (recruteurs et chercheurs d'emploi).

L'équipe de Jobboard Finder écrit aussi 2 fois par semaine des articles dédiés à l'industrie du job board et plus généralement au marché du e-recrutement, sur son blog JBF News.

14/04/2015 à 10:20

Two segment leaders meet each other: Jobs.lu and ictjob.lu

Jobs.lu announced a few days ago the acquisition of ictjob.lu which are claimed to be the leading job board in Luxemburg for IT professionals. Jobs.lu, a generalist job site, wants to enhance its positioning in the IT recruitment sector in Luxemburg with this acquisition.

14/04/2015 à 10:18

Finn.no : 9 questions to Christian Larsen, Sales Manager at FINN Job

Jobboard Finder has recently had an interview with one of the leading media in Scandinavia and more particularly in Norway: Finn.no. Christian Larsen, Sales Manager at Finn.no shared the keys to success and gave his opinion about the e-recruitment market of today and tomorrow.

14/04/2015 à 10:18

Two major niche job boards for journalism in USA

It's not hard to imagine that both generalist and specialist job board have their own advantages. Generalist job boards are benefit from its diversity, and niche job boards are more often created and managed by experts from the same field who are familiar with the market. In some certain industry, people are more likely to label themselves and stay together, so they will go to a niche job board of their own expertise to find a job; for example IT, finance, medical, fashion, etc. Now let's look at two major niche job boards for journalism in USA.

26/02/2015 à 16:53

The most influential job boards in China

Ni hao! Ni hao ma? China became one of the most popular destinations for companies and job seekers. Vast country, huge population base, high GDP growth rate, less competitive market, low unemployment rate, and exotic culture, all these factors together result in a new trend of Chinese dream. Now let's have a look on the six most influential job boards in China.

26/02/2015 à 16:52

2015: the year the digital divide will reach tipping point in the workplace

Digital cracks will appear in the workplace in 2015 as organisations grapple with the need to embed new technology at the speed their employees are demanding.

26/02/2015 à 16:51

Simply Hotel Jobs Announced New Mobile-Friendly Site

Simply Hotel Jobs, one of the UK's most popular hotel jobs boards are delighted to announce their new mobile and tablet-friendly site that promises to bring employers and candidates closer together than ever before

26/02/2015 à 16:51

New Zealand: The next Silicon Valley?

According to two US experts, New Zealand has the right attributes to become another version of the ultra-competitive Silicon Valley – and they added that the nation is on the right path, The New Zealand Herald reported.

26/02/2015 à 16:50

Most popular destination countries for employment

The world is connected as it has never been before and the growth in talent mobility is set to increase exponentially in the coming years. Businesses need to better understand changes and opportunities to the global workforce as new industries emerge and skills are needed quickly in different parts of the world.

26/02/2015 à 16:49

‘Facebook At Work' To Enter The Office Space

On Jan 14th, Facebook officially announced their much rumored Facebook at Work offering. This private version of the popular social network is designed to provide employees a place to collaborate securely with their colleagues. ‘Facebook At Work' will operate differently than the social media site in that it won't retain any user data and will not sell advertising space. Activities on the work site will be kept private and will not affect a user's social profile.

26/02/2015 à 16:48

Jobberman brings free jobs browsing to all Ghanaians

Ghana's leading job website, Jobberman Ghana, has partnered Facebook and Airtel, a telecommunications company, to bring all the latest jobs to the general public through an internet app (Internet.org) that enables free access to some websites.

26/02/2015 à 16:47

NRMjobs—An Eco-friendly Job Board

NRMjobs is a job board where you can find jobs and opportunities in environmental field, and which owned and operated in the Adelaide Hills by husband-and-wife David Mussared and Chris Duigan. They started NRMjobs in 1998.

26/02/2015 à 16:47

Do-it Trust announces partnership with LinkedIn

6th February 2015 – Do-it will be supporting LinkedIn's new set of features to help UK charities find and connect with skilled professionals who want to donate their professional expertise and time.

26/02/2015 à 16:47

7 questions to Dave Amos about Do-it the volunteering job board

Following our recent article regarding the partnership between Do-It and LinkedIn, we wanted to know more about that very popular market.

We have asked 7 questions to Dave Amos, the Development Director of Do-it.

26/02/2015 à 16:20

Babajob partners with Internet.org and brings free job-searching App into India

Babajob.com, the India's largest job website for the informal sector, partners with Internet.org and further pursues their goal of ‘Better Jobs for Everyone'!



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